Photo Display Ideas That Bring Your Images to Life

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When you display photos in your home, you want them to be displayed in a way that makes the photos even better.


You also want to be able to display them in a way that’s eye-catching, unique, and makes a statement.


In other words, having a traditional photo display, like a collage of large framed photos, just doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to get creative and bring your images to life.


With that in mind, consider the following ideas for taking your photo displays to another level.

The Good Way: Crowd Photo Display

The good way


Rather than cluttering up your desk space with a bunch of individual photos, why not utilize something like a crowd photo display to show off smaller photos?


This display is made of steel wires and metal clips, for a sleek, industrial look that complements any decor.


With various lengths of wire, each photo stands at a different height, that way you can enjoy each photo without another one getting in the way.

Photo display


Even better, you can customize the size of the display by expanding or retracting the base.


For small spaces, just retract the base and display a handful of your favorite photos. For larger spaces, expand the display so you can show off more of your favorite memories.


It’s a great way to have some flexibility regarding how much space you dedicate to your images, and what’s more, you can easily change the images, too – just unclip them, swap them out, and it’s ready to go!

The Better Way: Rustic Wood and Twine

wood and twine photo display

The nice thing about the wood and twine photo display shown above is that you can display up to 30 photos.


You can also organize the photos any way you see fit, using one row or column to highlight a specific person or event, and a different person or event in the next row or column.


It’s an especially good choice if you have a rustic decor in your home, too.

Perhaps best of all, you can swap out the photos any time you like, as the only thing “framing” them is twine and clothespins.


That means you can adapt the display to changing seasons or simply update it each passing year with newer photos.


Either way, it’s a good way to show off your photos and do so in a manner that’s unexpected and unique.

The Best Way: Memorywall

the best photo display

When I was growing up, my grandmother had a wall of photos in her foyer. And when I say a wall of photos, I mean that literally…


Every square inch of that wall was covered with framed photos of all us grandkids.


The problem was, it was just so completely overwhelming to the eyes, seeing dozens of framed photos cluttering up the wall from the floor to the ceiling.


Besides, as we all got older, she didn’t have room to display newer photographs of us.


So, for me, a means of displaying a lot of photos in an interesting and engaging way, and that allows you to change the photos as you see fit seems like the best option for showing off your images.


That’s a perfect description of Memorywall, the incredible photo display shown above and below.



You can see right off the bat that Memorywall stands head and shoulders above the other options on this list.


Though the “good” and “better” displays allow you to swap out images as you see fit, they do so in a way that makes the photos feel much less permanent.


In other words, even though you can easily change the images in a Memorywall unit, it looks more like an actual framed picture than the other two options.


What’s more, that three-dimensional effect truly brings your photos to life, helping them to leap off the wall and really engage people in looking at your photos.


Memorywall is modular, too, so you can create all sorts of shapes with your images. The only limitation is your imagination!


At 8-inches by 8-inches, each unit is small enough that you can put one in virtually any space. But each unit has space for four 4×4-inch photos, so you can still display multiple images without it feeling cluttered and overwhelming to the eye.


You can even use Memorywall to create breathtaking 3-D art, as you can see below.


In other words, Memorywall takes photo displays to a whole new level, allowing you to get creative in terms of which images you display, do so in a 3-D manner, and in various shapes and sizes to boot.


Hanging photos in regular photo frames is so 20th Century!


If you want to bring your images to life and create an eye-catching display, get yourself a few Memorywall units and see just how creative you can be.

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