How to Creatively Hang Your Photos Without Destroying Your Wall

MemoryWall Art


The great thing about having your photos printed is that you have personal, meaningful artwork and memories to hang on your wall.


The problem, of course, is that when you hang pictures on your wall using traditional means, you can easily wreak havoc on the wall, leaving scuffs, marks, and even holes that you have to deal

with later on.


Of course, if you know how to do it, you can successfully display your favorite memories and save your walls at the same time. More on that secret to come!

Planning is Paramount

Memory wall Baby photos

Just like you have to have a plan and execute it to get a great photo, you also need to have a plan regarding where you want to display that photo on your wall.

That means you need to look at your space and determine where you want to hang your photos.


What’s more, you need to consider the size of the image you wish to hang to avoid having a piece that’s way too small or way too large for the amount of wall space that’s available.


Something else to keep in mind is to hang your photos at eye level.


Now, I’m a tall guy, and my wife is short, so sometimes there needs to be a bit of a compromise.


But the point of hanging images on the wall is so everyone can enjoy them without having to crane their neck up or down just to see them.

Wall display

When you have a location selected, you might need to find a stud so you’re sure the picture hanger can safely hold the image.


Granted, if it’s a small print in a lightweight frame, you can probably get away without having the hanger nailed into a stud.


But if you have a large print or one that’s in a very heavy frame, be sure you’ve got the hanger secured to a stud lest the photo comes crashing down, leaving a big hole in your wall behind it!

Measure Twice…

hang your photos

As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once.


The same principle applies when hanging your images on the wall.


Before you start hammering away, it’s a good idea to lay out the measurements of your photo on the wall. This is particularly important if you have multiple photos to hang.

By marking the places where you need to mount the hanging brackets, you can ensure that you’ve planned the space well. Using a level to ensure that each mark is on the same plane as the others is a good idea, too.

hang frame

If you aren’t a very spatial person, consider using paper as dummy art.


Just cut the paper to size, tape it on the wall, and step back to get a visual of how your images will look once they’ve taken their place on the wall.


Not only does that keep you from having to hold your photos up to the wall to try to mark where you need to place the hanger, but it also means you can easily rearrange the dummy images without causing damage to the wall or paint.

Consider a New Way to Display Your Photos

Memory Wall Africa

So, planning, measuring, and using dummy photos to lay out the space are crucial steps to hanging your photos without damaging your wall.


But what happens if in a couple of years you want to hang different images? You’re back at square one, and with holes all over your wall to boot!


That’s why you need an innovative and creative way to display your photos that requires just one round of planning and hanging…


There’s an up-and-coming product that fits the bill, too – Memorywall.

new photo frame

As you can see in the images above and below, Memorywall allows you to create living walls full of memories, all with an easy-to-hang modular system.


Each Memorywall unit measures 8-inches by 8-inches and contains four 4×4-inch frames. And you can connect Memorywall units together to create a breathtaking mosaic of your favorite photos.


Better still, Memorywall allows you to tilt, turn, and tweak each image individually, thereby creating a funky three-dimensional wall of photos. How cool is that?! No more regular lay-flat photos on the wall for you!

Memory Wall frame corporate

And don’t think that Memorywall is just a great way to show off your photos, either.


It’s a time-saver as well!


Think about it…if you get tired of the photos you have on display, just swap them out! There’s no need to remove Memorywall, no need to replan your photo display, no need to measure or find the studs in the wall again.


Instead, you can hang any number of Memorywall units on the wall and when your images need a refresh, simply change them as you wish.


Heck, I’ve got hundreds of photos I’d love to display, but no room to show them all off.


But Memorywall solves that problem while also allowing me to get super creative in the manner in which I create my new 3-D photo display.

Memory wall wall art

I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. It’s an innovative and exciting product that I’m sure will turn the photo industry on its head.


And as you can see, it’s not just for photos…Memorywall can be used to create stunning art displays too!



But don’t take my word for it. Check out how Memorywall was developed and why it’s such an ingenious product in the video above.


Memorywall is on Indiegogo, so have a look and lend your support!